Watching the Watchers

Cracking down on restroom voyeurs in Gongguan Station.
Cracking down on restroom voyeurs in Gongguan Station.

This large billboard in Gōngguǎn Station 公館站 outlines countermeasures taken to crack down on restroom voyeurs invading women’s privacy in the restrooms throughout the Taipei Metro network. Incidents involving hidden cameras have achieved notoriety throughout East Asia, but most notably in South Korea which has seen something of an epidemic of the practice, resulting in large protest marches in Seoul just a few months ago.

The issue doesn’t seem to be quite so widespread in Taiwan from what I’ve read, but a few cases have spurred the authorities into action. This public safety announcement notifies the public of help buttons installed in the women’s restrooms, and the presence of a vague ‘Anti-spy camera System’.

It doesn’t say exactly what form this detection method takes (for good reason), but it would be tragically ironic if it was another hidden camera system, designed to watch the watchers.