Shutter Colours

A solid wall of coloured window shutters in Kuta.
A solid wall of coloured window shutters in Kuta.

I spied this matrix of coloured window shutters, adorning the facade of a building in North Kuta District on the island of Bali; adjoining a large open square, that at the time of my visit, appeared to be the region’s central hub for the then ongoing Kite Festival, and was teeming with fliers putting their creations to the test, along with crowds of spectators overseeing the proceedings from the protective shade of the sidelines.

As for this upcycled cladding – you might expect it to form part of some shabby-chic cafe or coffee shop, but in actual fact it embellishes a then newly opened Japanese restaurant, which you can see still undergoing construction in this Google Streetview photo taken a few months before I snapped mine.

It’s almost certainly been designed with Instagram in mind so that people share it online, and I guess it works right? Here I am sharing it with you now, assuming my place in the marketing machine.