Rusted Butterflies

Debossed butterflies flying towards a doomed future.
Debossed butterflies flying towards a doomed future.

A touch of naturalistic flair added to a metal store shutter in the remnants of Jiànguó Market 建國市場 in central Taichung 臺中市. These were presumably mass-produced at some point as I’ve seen the same design all over the country, but I was really taken with the rust streaks on this one that appear to give the insects some forward motion.

The market was opened in 1972, but shut down by the city government in 2016—citing concerns over the structural integrity of the main building after being damaged by the 921 earthquake—and then relocated to the other side of the railway on part of the site of the former Taichung Sugar Factory 台中糖廠. The maze of temporary buildings and stalls that surrounded the former market complex (now a parking lot for the new bus terminal) took a little longer to come down, and this photo was taken from the edge of their partially demolished ruins—but via the magic of Google Streetview, you can turn back time and watch the entire area come back to life again.