Claw Machine Relocation

Taiwan has a bit of a thing for claw machines1 – known as 抓物機 (literally ‘grab stuff machine’). You can often find them lurking in the unmanned recesses of the many laneways in the nation’s towns and cities, dispensing (or not as is more often the case) everything from the mundane, the edible, the lewd, and the downright weird. Penis plushies, iPhones, snacks – you can attempt to snag pretty much anything with extra emphasis on attempt – well, at least in my case – others seem to have the technique down though.

These specimens I spied in Shùlín District 樹林區, poorly secured in the back of a pickup, looked brand new, and so are doubtless on their way to be installed in some heavily trafficked area (probably near a night market) where they’ll eke out an existence separating citizens from their hard earned NTD, whilst broadcasting annoying, repetitive music and utter frustration.

  1. Even ghosts are getting in on the action these days.