Astro Obscura

A sea of stars obscured by clouds.
A sea of stars obscured by clouds.

Recently the utterly unpredictable UK Winter weather has resulted in some absolutely freezing nights to go along with the uncharacteristically warm ones; and arriving back from work in the season’s premature darkness, on nights fated with crystal clear skies has resulted in some fantastic stargazing opportunities.

The Yorkshire Dales is a nice shade of Dark Green on light pollution maps, landing it firmly in the realm of ‘decent’ as far as interstellar visibility goes. Typically though, the one time I actually made a studious effort to capture the skyward drama, the cloud began rolling in after I’d gotten my gear set up, with long exposures revealing immense, delphic patches covering much of the sky.

Not that I mind particularly—I actually think the resultant image came out kind of cool—a sort of half-and-half of cloud and starfield—the distant glittering suns slowly giving way to gradual obscurity.