A Fleeting Moment at 7-11

Waiting forever for 7:11
Waiting forever for 7:11

Stopping off briefly at a 7-Eleven convenience store in Songshan District 松山區, I spotted this corporate timepiece hanging near the counter and couldn’t resist its minimalist charm.

The rest of the numbers were there, embossed white on white, but with the relevant numerals coloured in the firm’s trademark Green, Red and Orange. Not that you’d get any of that looking at this edit – the original photo I took was pretty awful, and I spent ages playing with sliders trying to get the right balance of colours before I absentmindedly bumped the contrast way beyond the what anyone would normally deem sensible. I like the resultant effect though of further simplifying the already minimal, until the only numbers left are the ones that matter.

It’s a little unfortunate that the satisfying moment where the hands are pointing at both simultaneously will never come, 6:56 is about the closest it will ever get, but you’ll still get 7:11 twice a day though – silver linings and all that.